Projector 8mm,  Super 8mm or Regular, Put to High Definition 1080i Wide screen .

3" Reels only $10, 5" Reels only $20, and 7" Reels only $30. If you have a 7" reel with only 5"'s of film on it the price will be at only a 5" reel.   
Music will be put to the footage at no charge for movies without sound.

VHS, VHS-C Camcorder or VHS Mini Digital and 8mm tapes

  • Up to 2 hours on 1 disk -  $20 ,  
  • Up to 4 hours on 1 disk -  $30 ,   the cheapest around  and the best quality.
  • All Disks have Menus for easy viewing
  • Extra copies $5.00 each disk either size, at the time of burning, $10 at a later time

Photos and Slides

  • 35mm Slides/Negatives - 30c each for Standard Resolution 600 dpi, 50 cents each for Full High Resolution 2,400dpi, or 4,800 dpi (all slides are cleaned, cropped and rotated.)   Not like some of my competitors that use cheap machines that only do 100 dpi
  • Documents and A4 converted to Digital Image 40 cents each, to disk or can be put to usb stick or SD card
    Photos 7x5 or 6x4 (Standard size) - 40c each    Top Quality assured. 

Bulk orders* are welcome and prices are discounted. *Over 40 hours of video, or over 400 slides,  or photos. All sorts of special deals can be done.


Your Digital Memories does not copy copyright material unless you own the original and can not be bought on DVD, great for those exercise tapes or body building tapes, Old movies , etc.



Your Digital Memories uses Australia Post.   Registered post is recommended to pay for, so your parcel won’t be just left at the door. Drop off and pick up is available at nearly anytime during the day or night including weekends. "Yes", i work all weekends till late

**Please note we are unable to processing  BETA tapes or NTSC, but we can burn as NTSC.